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Maggie Skorzewski, RDH is a registered self-initiated Dental Hygienist, founder and owner of Happy Smiles In Motion™. She has been involved in the dental field didactically and practically for over 25 years. In her experience, the realization came that the clinical setting may not be available to all. 



Maggie Skorzewski has been pursuing her career in the dental field for over 

25 years. She studied dentistry at Karol Marcinkowski’s Medical Academy in 

Europe. In 2000, she graduated from George Brown College with High Honors 

as a Registered Dental Hygienist. She has since worked in private practice as well 

as teaching at Toronto College Of Dental Hygiene and Auxiliaries. Her continued 

studies in adult education at Brock University contributed to her skill set.


In 2009, she founded Happy Smiles In Motion™. This allowed her to be selected 

for a Pilot Project founded by Health Canada To increase oral health in First 

Nations communities. In her experience, the realization came that the clinical 

setting may not be available to all.   


Her vision is to target all platforms, rather than selected groups in an effort to 

improve oral health on the broader spectrum. Awareness, education and

eliminating oral health barriers on the large scale are the priorities she plans 

to pursue.


Through passion, meticulous attention to detail, and a duty to individualize dental 

health, Maggie can ensure a unique and fulfilling experience one smile at a time. 

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