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"Happy Smiles in Motion™ provides optimal and affordable dental hygiene care services for those who are unable to travel to the dental office.    We offer individualized care to meet your needs."


In 2007, the Ontario Legislature enacted Bill 171 to remove the restriction that prevented dental hygienists from cleaning teeth without first having to obtain an order from a dentist. This presented the opportunity for dental hygienists to enact a new tier of oral health care.



During Ms. Skorzewski’s involvement in a pilot project created by Health Canada to increase oral health in First Nations Communities, she recognized the need for oral health in other communities that had a similar limited access due to economical or physical barriers. 



The portability of HSIM’s services will allow clients to obtain affordable and accessible oral hygiene care when and where they need it. It will be particularly important for residents of long-term care facilities, the homebound, those caring for others, low income earners, and individuals who do not have dental insurance plans. 


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